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Applicants must have own transportation (bus is ok if they run during your work hours) and able to pass a background check (for insurance/bonding purposes). Locations that are not in our corporate office area (Columbus, OH), are more difficult to find replacements for short notice call offs. While we understand emergencies do come up, it is important that you are extremely reliable and will show up for work. Excessive call offs will not be tolerated.

Hours: 5PM - 9PM, Monday-Friday (Except Holidays: Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day)

Daily Duties: Trash/Recycling, Vacuuming, Dusting (picture ledges, cubicle partition ledges/overhead cubicle storage units, furniture), Mopping, Spot cleaning, wiping fingerprints off all doors, clean door glass, restrooms, cafeteria/breakrooms, stairwells.

Other duties that are required, but not on a daily basis is buffing floors, waxing, carpet maintenance, dusting blinds. Some locations may have other services available upon request. We cater to each locations' individual needs. While the above list is the most common things required, we can not compile a complete list of each location and that will be discussed with you upon and contigent to employment.

If you are interested in employment, then please begin by completing the form below. If you are considered, we will contact you via telephone. Thank you very much for considering employment with C&T Office Maintenance (established 1992).


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